Ready… Set… Peep!

Welcome the to 11th Annual Pinkorama!

This year makes eleven– ELEVEN!– years of Pinkorama (aka Pink Carnation Peep Diorama).  Over a decade of sugary wonders created by you.   Thank you to everyone who so enthusiastically grabbed your Peeps and your cardboard boxes that first year and to all of you who have kept this going year after year after year, even in last spring’s lockdown in the midst of a global pandemic.

There will always be a Peep?

Somehow, inexplicably, it’s that time of year again: trees are budding, spring rains are falling, birds are chirping, the snail is on the thorn, the lark is on the wing, and Peeps are on the shelves, which means… it’s time to Pinkorama!

The rules are simple: using those sugary, marshmallowy goodies (Peeps), recreate your favorite scene from any one of my books, novellas, or short stories. There are the Pink books, for Napoleonic Peeps; The Summer Country, for Barbados peeps (and cholera epidemic peep, if anyone is feeling like going a little close to home here); The English Wife, for Gilded Age Peep (so much gold sugar!); The Ashford Affair, just in case you feel like going Edwardian Peep, 1920s Peep, or Kenya Peep; That Summer, for Victorian Peep and Pre-Raphaelite Peep (or Dorrington Descendant Peep); The Other Daughter, for Bright Young Peeps; The Forgotten Room, for New York Peeps throughout the ages;  The Glass Ocean, for doomed ocean liner Peeps (or Star Wars memorabilia bedroom modern Peeps);  All The Ways We Said Goodbye, for various eras of Paris Ritz Peeps; and, most recently, Band of Sisters, for Smithie Peeps in the Somme (Smithpeeps?).

Two L (disillusioned law student Peep), “A Night at Northanger” (ghost hunter Peep), and “The Record Set Right” (World War I or modern Peep) are also fair game.

Once your Peep creation is complete, take a picture (or pictures) of your Pinkorama and email them to me at with “Pinkorama” in the subject line.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Since this past year has been very, very strange, I’m continuing one slight alteration to the rules that I made last year: if you don’t have Peeps at home and you don’t feel safe going to the store, you don’t need to use Peeps.  Use whatever you have or whatever you want.  Anything is fair game.  (Even your toddler.  Shhh, don’t tell mine I said that!).  After all, this is the 11th Pinkorama!  Go big, go bold, go Peep if you can, but anything else if you can’t.

The deadline for the Pinkorama is Tuesday, May 4th. I’ll post all the Pinkoramas here on the website and open it up to general voting.

As for the prize….

The runners up will receive Band of Sisters mugs filled with chocolate.

The winner will receive a Band of Sisters mug filled with chocolate– and an ARC of the next Team W book, once there are ARCs to be had.

If you’re seeking Peep inspiration, check out 2020‘s, 2019‘s, 2018‘s, 2017’s, or 2016’s peeptastic entries!  (The Pinkorama Gallery, which contains all the Pinkoramae through the years, got lost during a website renovation a few years ago, but should be up and running again at some point this century!)

Let the sugary fun begin!


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