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1927 Book


With only five days left to go until The Other Daughter (or four days, depending on how you count it?), there’s an excerpt up on USA Today! You can find the excerpt here. Enjoy!

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The third stand alone novel, aka the 1927 book, has both a release date and a title! Coming to you on June 2, 2015, we have… The Other Daughter. This is a rare– in fact, perhaps a unique– occasion in which my working title looks like it might be the actual title. My working title…

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Teaser Tuesday: Coming up in 2015….

I’ve just started work on my 2015 book, which will henceforth be known as The 1927 Book. (That sounded somewhat more descriptive than “Stand Alone #3.) The first line? “Only a week, and already the cottage felt different.” The 1927 book (which will presumably come out in 2015) is about a young woman who discovers,…

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