The Secret History of the Pink Carnation:

Who:  Amy Balcourt and Richard Selwick
Where:  England and France
When:  Spring, 1803
What:  Amy Balcourt is determined to track down the Purple Gentian—so she can join him.  Mistaken identities and deeds of derring-do ensue.
Historical Cameos:  Assorted Bonapartes

The Masque of the Black Tulip:

Who:  Henrietta Selwick and Miles Dorrington
Where:  England
When:  Summer, 1803
What:  That vicious French spy, the Black Tulip, is on the trail of the Pink Carnation—but the Tulip never reckoned with Lady Henrietta Selwick.
Historical Cameos: William Wickham, the Patronesses of Almacks

The Deception of the Emerald Ring:

Who:  Letty Alsworthy and Geoffrey Pinchingdale-Snipe
Where:  England and Ireland
When:  Summer, 1803
What:  Rebellion is brewing in Ireland, but Geoff is on the case—along with his accidental bride.
Historical Cameos:  Robert Emmett

The Seduction of the Crimson Rose:

Who:  Mary Alsworthy and Lord Vaughn
Where:  England
When:  Autumn, 1803
What:  Lord Vaughn recruits socialite Mary Alsworthy for an unlikely task: infiltrating the League of the Black Tulip.
Historical Cameos:  None.  Lord Vaughn isn’t letting anyone steal his thunder.

The Mischief of the Mistletoe:

Who:  Arabella Dempsey and Turnip Fitzhugh
Where:  England
When:  Christmas, 1803
What:  When a mysterious Christmas pudding with a message shows up at an all girls’ school in Bath, neither Arabella nor Turnip have any idea that it will lead them on the path to adventure—and romance.
Historical Cameos:  Jane Austen

The Temptation of the Night Jasmine:

Who:  Charlotte Lansdowne and Robert, Duke of Dovedale
Where:  England
When:  Winter, 1803-4
What:  Innocent and bookish Charlotte finds herself swept up in a web of intrigue stretching from the Hell Fire Club to the court of George III.
Historical Cameos:  George III, Queen Charlotte

The Betrayal of the Blood Lily:

Who: Penelope Deveraux Staines and Alex Reid
Where:  India
When:  Autumn, 1804
What:  Exiled to India to allow the scandal of her hasty marriage time to die down, Penelope finds herself battling cobras, spies, and her own treacherous emotions.
Historical Cameos:  Begum Johnson, the Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Alam, et cetera

The Orchid Affair:

Who:  Laura Grey and Andre Jaouen
Where:  France
When:  Winter and Spring, 1804
What:  When Laura Grey goes undercover in the home of Napoleonic operative Andre Jaouen as a governess, she soon discovers there’s more to her elusive employer than meets the eye….
Historical Cameos:  Joseph Fouche, the Duc de Berry, Joachim Murat

The Garden Intrigue:

Who:  Emma Morris Delagardie and Augustus Whittlesby
Where:  France
When:  Summer, 1804
What:  When Augustus Whittlesby hears that Bonaparte’s new top secret device is to be tested over the course of a weekend house party at Malmaison, he needs a way in.  But the only way in is via American socialiate, Emma Morris Delagardie—and a masque that masks more than even Augustus suspects.
Historical Cameos: Robert Livingston, Robert Fulton, lots of Bonapartes

Ivy & Intrigue: A Very Selwick Christmas (Novella)

Who: Amy Balcourt and Richard Selwick
Where: England
When:  Christmas, 1803
What:  As Amy and Richard celebrate their first Christmas together, a sticky combination of mince pie and French spy gets in the way.


Away in a Manger: A Very Turnip Wedding Night (Bonus Chapter)
Where: Somewhere in England (Turnip isn’t quite sure)
When:  January, 1804
What:  In this bonus chapter to The Mischief of the Mistletoe, Turnip and Arabella get lost in a snowstorm on the way from the wedding.  It’s a good thing there’s a convenient barn in the vicinity… and, of course, a spare Christmas pudding.

The Passion of the Purple Plumeria

Who: Miss Gwendolyn Meadows and Colonel William Reid

Where: Bath

When: 1805

What: When Lizzy Reid and Agnes Wooliston disappear from their Bath boarding school amid rumors of a master spy known only as “the Gardener”, the Pink Carnation—and her formidable, sword-parasol wielding chaperone, Miss Gwen—hurry back from France to search for the missing girls.  But has Miss Gwen finally met her match in one charming East India company colonel?  And will she ever finish writing her gothic novel, “The Convent of Orsino: By a Lady” or will the Gardener—or love—get to her first?

Historical Cameos: Talleyrand

The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla

Who: Miss Sally Fitzhugh and Lucien, Duke of Belliston

Where: London

When: October, 1806

What:  The town has been taken by storm by the stormy Gothic novel, The Convent of Orsino: by a Lady, setting off a vampire craze among the ton.  It’s all fun and games until a woman is found dead with fang marks on her neck, with gossip pointing a finger at the reclusive Duke of Belliston.  Sally Fitzhugh knows it’s all nonsense and is determined to prove that the duke is no vampire—but the truth may come at a cost…

Historical Cameos: Sally has no time for any cameos except for the sort one wears about one’s neck.  And wrists.  And sometimes toes.  Like that charming set in the little shop in Bond Street….  Um, Sally?  Where did you go?

[The Pink Carnation in Love: Aka the Novella I Never Got Around to Writing

Who: Miss Jane Wooliston and Nicolas, the Chevalier de la Tour d’Argent (aka the Gardener)

Where: Venice

When: 1807

What:  In French occupied Venice, the Pink Carnation and her arch-nemesis find themselves drawn together by a common enemy—and the mutual attraction that neither can deny.  But can their passion outweigh their differences?  And is the situation what it seems, or a ploy on the part of Nicolas, as deceptive as the masks worn all around them?  All is fair in love or espionage….]

The Lure of the Moonflower

Who: Miss Jane Wooliston, aka the Pink Carnation, and Jack Reid, aka the Moonflower

Where: Portugal

When: 1807/1808

What:  When the French invade Portugal, the Pink Carnation and the Moonflower are forced to work together to find the missing mad Queen Maria before the Pink Carnation’s former lover, the Gardener, gets to the Queen on behalf of the French.  But can the Pink Carnation trust the former double agent with her mission (and, less importantly, her heart)?

Historical Cameos:  Anyone who was anyone in Napoleonic Portugal.  Just saying.