I can’t believe there are only three days to go until Band of Sisters appears in the world!

When I was typing away at this book, back in the initial lockdown in New York last spring, it gave me hope to know that the women of the Smith College Relief Unit had made it through the horrors of war, that they had come through a world turned upside down and put things to rights again.  I hope you find these women as inspiring (and comforting!) as I do.

And now some helpful links!

You can read the first three chapters here.

You can watch a mini (very mini!) PBS-style documentary here.

You can find all sorts of extras, including maps and photos and links to the real letters written home by members of the Smith College in the Readers’ Guide, here.  Also a muffin recipe.  Just because.

You can sign up for Monday night’s launch event with Marie Benedict, Kristin Harmel, Vanessa Riley, and some amazingly cute women’s trivia prize packs here.  (I’ve seen the prize packs.  They’re wonderful.  There’s tea and biscuits and Paris-themed notebooks and coasters and books by Marie, Kristin, and Vanessa.  I’ve been thinking of disguising myself and going incognito simply so I’ll have a chance of winning one.)

I’ll be doing a number of other events as the month goes on– some Women’s History Month panels with other historical fiction authors, some “in discussion” events, some just me rambling on about the Smith Unit.  You can find the line-up over on the Events Page, where there are currently nineteen events listed for March (eek) and more being added daily, so pop over there and see if anything catches your fancy.

See you next week when Band of Sisters goes out into the world!

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