A Special TWO WARS Gift With Pre-Order!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with my friends at FoxTale BookShoppe to offer you a special gift with pre-order: a Two Wars and a Wedding notepad!

If you pre-order your copy of Two Wars and a Wedding from FoxTale, I’ll send you a handwritten card with your very own Two Wars notepad now, and then FoxTale will ship you your signed hardcover in March (or you can pick it up in store at my event there!).

Writing is such a part of Two Wars— half the chapters of the book are headed with letters from my heroine, Betsy, to her best friend Ava, and the other half with articles written by Betsy’s new friend, a journalist named Kit– that when I was cudgeling my brains to think of something special to offer you, something that would really reflect the book itself, the obvious answer was “something you can write on”.

I hope you’ll find these as cute (and useful!) as I do.

Just click here for the pre-order link!


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