It’s time to reveal… the cover for Two Wars and a Wedding!

I won’t lie.  I had no idea how anyone was ever going to come up with a cover that could convey a story that sweeps from 1896 Athens to the jungles of Cuba during the Spanish-American War, as my Smith College grad heroine, who only wants to be an archaeologist, finds herself swept up in not one but two wars.

There’s a reason that during the writing process this book was variously referred to as the Greece Book, aka the Cuba Book, aka the 1890s Book, aka Smith II: The ReSmithening.  There’s an awful lot going on there.  Which makes it fiendishly difficult to package.

But then the brilliant art department at William Morrow sent me what may possibly be my favorite cover yet.  I’m so excited to share it with you!

Two Wars and a Wedding will be coming your way on March 21, 2023.  But expect a lot more about it– including lots of pictures and background info!– in the meantime!

You can preorder Two Wars and a Wedding from all the usual suspects, including your favorite local bookseller, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, and wherever else books are sold.

Here’s the official blurb:

From New York Times bestselling author Lauren Willig: a dramatic coming-of-age story with a dual timeline and a single heroine—a bold and adventuring young woman who finds herself caught up in two very different wars on both sides of the Atlantic.

September 1896: An aspiring archaeologist, Smith College graduate Betsy Hayes travels to Athens, desperate to break into the male-dominated field of excavation. In the midst of the heat and dust of Greece she finds an unlikely ally in Charles, Baron de Robecourt, one of the few men who takes her academic passion seriously. But when a simmering conflict between Greece and Turkey erupts into open warfare, Betsy rushes to the front lines as a nurse, not knowing that the decision will change her life forever—and cause a deep and painful rift with her oldest friend, Ava.

June 1898: Betsy has sworn off war nursing—but when she gets the word that her estranged friend Ava is headed to Cuba with Clara Barton and the Red Cross to patch up the wounded in the Spanish-American War, Betsy determines to stop her the only way she knows how: by joining in her place.  Battling heat, disease, and her own demons, Betsy follows Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders straight to the heart of the fighting, where she is forced to confront her greatest fears to save both old friends and new….

Based on the forgotten true stories of two remarkable women striving to make their place in a man’s world, set against two often overlooked but dramatic periods of history, Lauren Willig spins a compelling and heartwarming story about friendship, love, and fighting for what is right.

Psssssst.  If you’ve noticed a typo in the cover… you’re not wrong.  It’s being fixed.  (Unlike the cover of The Summer Country where we didn’t notice the typo until the book was out in the world!)


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    Looks amazing! Can’t wait

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