THAT SUMMER: $2.99 this summer!

It seems to be the summer of sale summer books!  Both of my books with “summer” in the title– That Summer and The Summer Country— are currently on sale on Kindle and Nook!

For $2.99, you can travel to the suburbs of London in 2009 with a young American woman who discovers she’s inherited a house and all the secrets that go with it.  (I do love house books.)  In the house on Herne Hill, she discovers a lost Pre-raphaelite painting hidden in the back of an old wardrobe– and the tangled history that goes with it.

You can snap That Summer up on Kindle here and Nook here.

If you’d rather somewhere more tropical, for $1.99 you can head off to colonial Barbados, where– wait!  another inheritance!  more Victorians!– in 1854 the poor relation of a wealthy Bristol merchant family learns she’s inherited a sugar plantation she didn’t know her grandfather owned, drawing her into the secrets of the previous two generations, spanning a rising of enslaved people in 1816 and a cholera epidemic in 1854.

You can snap The Summer Country up on Kindle here and Nook here.

Which would you prefer?  Victorian London or colonial Barbados?

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