Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s hard to believe that we’re only one weekend away from Mother’s Day!

Team W has teamed up with Bank Square Books to create a special Mother’s Day Lost Summers of Newport package: your giftee will receive the card pictured below on Mother’s Day, followed by a package containing a tri-signed copy of The Lost Summers of Newport, a Team W Newport drink recipe, a Lost Summers coaster, and a “Go Away: I’m Reading!” door hanger.  (Because, really, that’s what this mom needs.)

You can order the Team W Mother’s Day package from Bank Square Books here.

Another wise author pointed out that if you really find yourself in a last minute Mother’s Day pinch, audiobooks also make a great gift, because they can be instantly zapped and you can pretend that’s what you meant to buy all along….

Happy Mother’s Day!

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