Black Tulip Book Club Tonight!

Is everyone as excited as I am for the Month II Zoom of the Pink Carnation Read Along tonight, featuring The Masque of the Black Tulip and special guest host Tasha Alexander?

We’re going to be an intimate group of about three hundred tonight!  If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here. There’s still room for more to join the fun!

Everyone who registers will receive the Zoom link this afternoon.  Then just click the link at 8pm EST to join in.  (This is a simpler system than last time and will hopefully work better.)  Tasha and I will chat for about half an hour and then open the floor for your questions, of which we hope you have lots.

I’ll be opening up discussion threads both here and on my Facebook author page later today.

The plan is to livestream the event to Facebook, so it will be available for viewing later.  Last time, I *did* manage to livestream to Facebook, but accidentally sent it to the wrong Facebook page and had to download it and then upload it to finally get it where it was supposed to be.  I can’t promise that won’t happen again, but it should hopefully make it up there for later viewing eventually!

In the meantime, get your drinks and snacks ready, and we’ll see you tonight!

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