Celebrating the last week of Women’s History Month!

It’s the last week of Women’s History Month– and also the last full week of Band of Sisters tour!

Please do come join me this week for a series of events with wonderful fellow historical fiction authors as we talk all things women and history.

— On Tuesday night, I’ll be chatting away with Kate Quinn via Princeton Public Library at 7pm EST.  The event is free and open to anyone anywhere.  Just click here to register.

— On Wednesday, I’m double-booked!

If you’re a member of the Harvard Club of Westchester, you can find me at 7pm EST discussing historical fiction with Lynda Loigman, Elise Hooper, Fiona Davis, Nicola Harrison, and Susie Orman Schnall.

Also on Wednesday, at 9pm EST, I’ll be with Greer MacAllister, Weina Dai Randel, and Diana Giovinazzo exploring women’s history through historical fiction via the Women’s National Book Association.  The event is free and open to anyone anywhere.  Just click here to register.

— and on Thursday, you can find me at 8pm EST talking all things Black Tulip with Tasha Alexander!  (Yes, I know, that’s neither Women’s History Month anymore, being in April, nor Band of Sisters, but I couldn’t resist adding it here.  Because you know Henrietta would totally have gone off to France with the Smith College Relief Unit if she had been born a century later and American.)

It’s been a blast getting to talk to so many people about the remarkable women of the Smith College Relief Unit, but I’ll admit, I am looking forward to hunkering down for a bit with the new book and getting back into writer mode.  In the meantime, though, let’s close out this tour with a bang!  See you on the interwebs this week!

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