Tonight! Celebrating International Women’s Day with Melanie Benjamin and Steph Dray

Join me tonight for a spirited celebration of International Women’s Day as Melanie Benjamin, Stephanie Dray, and I talk about some of our favorite forceful historical women!

The event, hosted by Pamunkey Regional Library, is free and open to anyone anywhere.  You don’t even have to register!  We’ll be streaming live to their Facebook page, so you can just click and view.  You can type any questions or thoughts for us in the comments on the livestream for the moderator to relay to us as we’re speaking.

See you tonight at 7pm EST on the Pamunkey Regional Library Facebook page!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) night, I’ll be speaking solo about the Smith College Relief Unit at LaSalle Public Library.  That one is also free and open to anyone anywhere, but you do need to register in advance to receive the Zoom link.  Just click here for more information.

Moving from one group of amazing women to another, on Wednesday at noon I’ll be doing a special Pink Carnation edition Ask Me Anything in honor of Month 2 of the Pink Carnation Read Along!  So if you have any questions about the Pink series, send ’em my way….

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