Pink Carnation Book Club Tonight!

Is everyone else as excited as I am for tonight’s first Pink Carnation Read Along Book Club Zoom?  (Okay, I really have to think of a shorter title for these!!  Pink Zoom?)


In any event, we’re going to be an intimate group of 500!!  And Sarah has told me she “has questions” for me, so I think this is going to be really fun.  (I’m also a little nervous.  Sarah has known me for a very long time.  She knows where the quizzing glasses are buried.)

To log in tonight, dig up that confirmation email you received from Eventbrite.  Then click on “view event”.  At 8:00 EST, when the event goes live, you’ll see a “Join Event” button suddenly come to life, and clicking on that should take you right to the Zoom room.

For those who can’t make it or weren’t able to register, I’ll be (hopefully) livestreaming this all to my Facebook author page.  In the event that doesn’t work, I’m recording the session and will post it to Facebook later, so you can view at your leisure.

I’ve been seeing amazing pictures of Pink Read Along snack prep on the internet!  Please do share your photos on Facebook and Instagram with the #pinkcarnationreadalong, and tag me!  Wardrobe photos are also encouraged.

We’re going to try to leave about half of our time together tonight open for questions, so get your questions ready!  I think the best way to do it, since there will be so many of us (YAY!) will be to wait until we announce that it’s question time and then type your question into the chat.  But if anyone who is more experienced with big Zoom events than I am has other suggestions, let me know!

So, since this is a work in progress, I have a question for you: would you like discussion threads open now, or would you like me to wait and open discussion threads tomorrow, so we can pick up where the Book Club Meeting ended?  I’m very happy to do it either way!

See you tonight for historical hilarity!



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