Join Team W for (Virtual) Lunch!

Sadly, Beatriz, Karen, and I had to cancel the July lap of the All the Ways We Said Goodbye tour due to force majeure in the form of a pandemic– but we’re bringing the show to Zoom!

Join us this coming Wednesday, July 8th, at a lunchtime event hosted by M. Judson Booksellers.  The event is free, but do make sure to register to get the Zoom link– and, even better, if you want to buy a copy of All the Ways We Said Goodbye, you get a $2 discount for registering for the event!

See you on Wednesday for some Vitamin W….


  1. Christine on July 6, 2020 at 12:53 pm

    I very much plan on locking myself in a room and telling everyone I’m “on a call.”

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