Pinkorama #2: the Peep Wars Bedroom

For our second Pinkorama of the season, the mother-daughter team, Carla and Rowan, bring us… John Langford’s Peep Wars Bedroom from The Glass Ocean!

It’s 2013 and non-fiction writer Sarah Blake is desperate for a story– so desperate she crosses the Pond to England to interrogate John Langford, the descendant of Lusitania survivor, Robert Langford.

Sarah goes to Langford Hall looking for tales of espionage and intrigue.  She never expects to find a dishy Englishman.  And she certainly never expects to find herself in a galaxy far, far away– aka, the remnants of John’s adolescent Star Wars fixation, still holding pride of place in John’s childhood bedroom.

Check out those Star Wars posters– and the snazzy matching rug!

Here’s the passage from The Glass Ocean:

I’d rummaged in my carry-on, discovered my toothbrush and face cream, and stumbled across the hall to the bathroom, and all I noticed before crashing into John’s freshly-made bed was the R2D2 lamp on the bedside table, and that only because I had to hunt for the off switch for a minute or two before finding it inside R2’s shiny Cyclops eye. At the time, I figured the lamp was an ironic decorating touch. Or I was simply hallucinating.

Now, in the brilliant glow of a Devonshire morning, I realized Mrs. Finch had actually led me aboard an Imperial star destroyer.

A dozen Star Wars action figures were locked in combat atop the bookshelf opposite the bed. The Millennium Falcon dangled from the ceiling, pursued by an X-wing fighter. And was that a light saber resting in the lap of the giant stuffed Chewbacca in the corner, or was he just wishing me the top of the morning?

I turned my gaze down to the soft, worn sheets, which were chillingly festooned with Darth Vader masks, and flung myself upright.

So many thanks to Carla and Rowan for making Team W’s day! (This was one of our very favorite parts of the book.)  And huge, huge compliments to Rowan, who drew the posters.  Can you believe she’s not yet in double digits?

I would clap very loudly, but, shhhh!  Sarah is sleeping….

Stay tuned for Pinkorama #3, coming up tomorrow!  Also from The Glass Ocean, but not from a galaxy far, far away.



  1. Carrie on April 30, 2019 at 10:51 am

    Great drawings!!! Too cute.

  2. Rachel Adrianna on April 30, 2019 at 10:54 am

    Adorable- great job ladies 🙂 Rowan will be a successful artist when she grows up for sure!

  3. Tara on May 1, 2019 at 4:01 am

    Wow! Accurate!

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