The 2019 Book Schedule!

Every now and then, I have a year so crowded with book releases that I have to make a list to remember what’s happening when.

Here’s that list.  And, because I was feeling slightly loopy, I’ve provided a coffee pairing for each book.

— February 26th, The English Wife paperback.

Pairs well with a white mocha with whip (because nothing says snowstorm like hot chocolate and whipped cream).

— June 10th, The Summer Country, hardcover.

Pairs well with a iced cinnamon dolce latte.  Because it’s a wee bit warm out.

— September 10th, The Glass Ocean, paperback.

Pairs well with prosecco.  Oh, wait, I was doing coffee, wasn’t I?  Pairs well with a caramel macchiato, possibly with a slug of brandy– because if that ship’s going down….

— January 2020, Untitled Team W Book.

Not exactly 2019, but close!  We’ll have more to share about the next Team W book– including pesky little details like, oh, a title– very, very soon….  This one pairs with café au lait.  Because… Paris.



  1. DJL on March 16, 2019 at 2:17 am

    I love book and coffee pairings!

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