Advance Praise for THE SUMMER COUNTRY

So many thanks to the lovely Stephanie Barron (the Jane Austen mysteries, That Churchill Woman) and Camille Di Maio (The Way of Beauty, The Memory of Us), for brightening my holiday with these lovely words about The Summer Country!

“Lauren Willig’s THE SUMMER COUNTRY is a sumptuous read, evoking M.M. Kaye’s lush and sweeping tales of nineteenth century colonial life. Set in the island location of Barbados, Willig attains the ideal aim of the historical fiction genre: educating the reader about a little-known part of history while thoroughly engaging them in the stories of the characters. I read THE SUMMER COUNTRY slowly – doling out exquisite chapters one at a time – because there are too few books written today that harken back to that delicious way of storytelling that doesn’t rush things just to keep up with modern trends. I would count this one as a new classic and encourage every reader who cares about quality writing to quickly add this one to their list of to-be-favorites.”
– Camille Di Maio, bestselling author of The Way of Beauty

“Engrossing from its very first page, The Summer Country plunges us deep into a multi-layered family history set against the lush backdrop of plantation-era Barbados, where warring desires for freedom and profit trap even the best-intentioned. Willig’s women span three generations, linked by respectable lies and useful deceptions, but each is determined to live her own truth regardless of the cost. A powerful exploration of personal identity–and the ways in which love leads us to our truest selves–The Summer Country is Lauren Willig’s finest novel to date.”
– Stephanie Barron, author of That Churchill Woman

The Summer Country will be heading your way on June 4, 2019!  It’s available for pre-order from your favorite local bookseller or any of the usual places.

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