Happy Birthday, GLASS OCEAN!

Eight years ago, Beatriz Williams, Karen White, and I had a little too much to drink at a conference and decided we really ought to write a book together.  We sobered up (eventually), but the idea didn’t go away.  So we did.  And we had such an amazing time writing that book together (The Forgotten Room) that we decided we really had to write another one.

So we did.

That book is THE GLASS OCEAN and we’re so thrilled to share it with you today!

In 2013, non-fiction writer Sarah Blake, desperate for her next book idea, remembers an old trunk in which her mother kept some mementos from her great-grandfather, a steward on the Lusitania.  But why would a steward have messages in code?

In 1915, society wife Caroline Hochstetter is about to board the Lusitania, unsure why her husband is insisting they cross the Pond during wartime– and why he’s insisting on bringing a priceless music manuscript with him.  Right behind her is Tessa Fairweather, aka Tess Schaff, forger and con-woman, who’s agreed to pull off just one last heist before finally going straight.  But will this heist be her last?  And is that manuscript just a manuscript?

Find out as you set sail on The Glass Ocean….

You can join Caroline for dinner in the first class dining room:

Or rest with Tess in her second class cabin (just mind her three roommates):

Or go for a latte with Sarah at Costa Coffee (no life vest required!):

Personally, I’d probably go for the coffee first….  Have a sip and then dive on in!

You can find the first three chapters here:

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Happy reading– and don’t forget your life vest!



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