Mr. Jefferson's Birthday Bash– Tonight!

It’s a party and you’re invited! Authors of America’s First Daughter, Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie, are hosting an online birthday bash for Thomas Jefferson.

Mr. Jefferson's Birthday

There will be games, merriment, historical chit-chat, and, of course, party favors. Allison Pataki, Sarah McCoy, E. Knight, Sophie Perinot, Lynn Cullen, Erika Robuck, Kate Quinn, Donna Thorland, and I will all be popping in to gossip about history, chat about writing, and give away copies of our books. So please pop by and share the fun! You can find the link to the Facebook page here.

6:10 Allison Pataki
6:30 Lauren Willig
7:00 Sarah McCoy
7:45 E. Knight
8:00 Sophie Perinot
8:30 Lynn Cullen
8:45 Erika Robuck
9:15 Kate Quinn
9:30 Donna Thorland

Shhh… Don’t tell Mr. Hamilton. I don’t think he’s invited. But he’s pretty busy these days with that whole Broadway thing.

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