Pinkorama #4: The Unpeepable Truth

I’m so happy that The Other Daughter got a shout-out in this year’s Pinkorama!

From Colleen, we have the moment in The Other Daughter when our mild-mannered governess, Rachel, learns that her father isn’t dead and a botanist, but alive and an earl: “It’s the unpeepable truth that her father is alive”.

Doesn’t that header sound oh so appropriately like a silent film card?

Returning to England too late for her mother’s funeral, overcome with grief…

Colleen 2

…Rachel lies down on her mother’s bed and discovers…

Colleen 1

… a page from a recent issue of The Tatler with her supposedly dead father’s picture in it.

Colleen 3

You can just see the surprise and horror on her candy face.

Don’t you love the details of her mother’s room (the lace counterpane and pictures) and her very prim skirt and shirt? Who knew that a Peep could look so convincingly post-Edwardian?

Thank you so much, Colleen, for bringing The Other Daughter to the sugary screen!


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