FALL OF POPPIES Crosses the Pond

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Pinkoramae for this public service announcement:

Fall of Poppies debuts in the UK today!

FallofPoppiesREV2 the-record-set-right

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month…

November 11, 1918. After four long, dark years of fighting, the Great War ends at last, and the world is forever changed. For soldiers, loved ones, and survivors the years ahead stretch with new promise, even as their hearts are marked by all those who have been lost.

As families come back together, lovers reunite, and strangers take solace in each other, everyone has a story to tell.

In this moving anthology, nine authors share stories of love, strength, and renewal as hope takes root in a fall of poppies.

Sending hugs across the Pond to Hazel Gaynor and Kate Kerrigan: if only we could all be there to celebrate together!

If it’s five o’clock in London, that means I get to pop open a bottle of bubbly at noon New York time, right?

You can also find Fall of Poppies in the US and Canada and in e-form.

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