Pinkorama #2: Amy & Richard's Spy School Meets the Phantom Peep

It’s time for a blast from Pinks past: a scene from Pink II, The Masque of the Black Tulip!

Rachel writes:

My Pinkorama is based on The Masque of the Black Tulip, Chapter 24: Amy and Richard’s Spy School Meets the Phantom Peep!

First, the Phantom Peep steals through Richard’s study… With Henrietta hot on his trail, candelabra in hand! She just misses the Phantom, but Miles shows up (with a typically untidy cravat) and they have a big falling out about their kiss. And the fact that Miles disappeared soon after. Hmph.

Everyone convenes in the parlor later to appear “normal” in case they are being spied on. The Tholmondelay twins suggest chasing the spy (Richard firmly disagrees); Hen suggests charades; Mrs. Cathcart says they need more tea; but Amy finally decides that Henrietta should sing while Miss Grey accompanies her. The rest is Pink history!

Find that Phantom Peep!

Rachel 2

Henrietta: always just that moment too late to catch the villain…. But who is that handsome blue Peep with the floppy lock of sugar? Are those ginger biscuit crumbs on his beak?

Rachel 3

Eight Angry Peeps– oh, wait, that’s another show. Henrietta sings, Miles pines, Richard sulks, and Amy is Amy.

Rachel 1

Don’t you love Selwick Hall?

Rachel 4

Thanks so much, Rachel, for bringing to life one of my very favorite scenes! It’s such fun to get to revisit the Tholmondelays– and, of course, Miles and Hen.

But I’ve been saving the very best bit for last…. Rachel made a video! Which absolutely cracks me up. You can check out the inner thoughts of the Peepwicks and Dorringpeeps as we cycle through the scene. Just click here to view!

Thank you, Rachel!!

Pinkorama #3 coming up tomorrow….


  1. Freya on April 6, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    Utterly wonderful!

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