Happy Book Birthday, FORGOTTEN ROOM

I still can’t quite believe this book exists. But it does. And it’s here today.

Happy book birthday, The Forgotten Room!


Karen, Beatriz, and I first came up with the idea of writing a book together back at a conference in the summer of 2012. (Our original idea was an anthology called Fifty Shades of Plaid. There may have been wine involved.) In March 2014, we sat down at Alice’s Teacup in New York to hash out an idea together. It was my birthday; I had a dreadful cold, a husband on a business trip, and a very cranky eight month old at home. Karen and Beatriz filled me with tea, scones, and cupcakes, and three hours later, we had a book. Or, at least, the idea for a book.

After that, it all seemed to happen very quickly…. We had an outline and sample chapters by the end of April (my bits written sitting on the floor next to my daughter’s stroller, since that was the only way she would nap at the time); a contract by summer; and by September we were off and running. We got together in January of 2015 to finalize the manuscript and all hit the “send” button together– and, a year later, here we are!

Forgotten Room Library Journal

If you want to know more about The Forgotten Room, the writing process, or the history behind the story, come find us on book tour! We’ll be launching the book tonight at the Corner Bookstore in New York, then moving on to stops in Connecticut (Greenwich, Darien, Mohegan Sun), Florida (Vero Beach, Winter Park), Georgia (Gwinnett, Marietta, Woodstock), and South Carolina (Pawley’s Island).

Forgotten Room Tour

If you’d like a signed book, but can’t make it to any of the events, just contact FoxTale or any of the other bookstores on our tour, or send a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) with your request to PO Box 623, Roswell, GA 30077.

Happy reading!


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    I am so geeked!!! Starting it now. 🙂

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