Teaser Tuesday: Almost ASHFORD

It’s March! Which means two things: 1) I’m about to be another year older, and 2) The Ashford Affair comes out in paperback!

Ashford Paperback

You can pre-order The Ashford Affair paperback from your favorite bookseller right now, or find it in stores on March 25th.

As a special bonus, the paperback edition contains a deleted chapter from the original (with an explanation of why I deleted it). For those of you who have the hardcover already, I’ll be posting that extra chapter up here on the website on March 25th.

Happy March and happy reading!

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  1. AngelB on March 5, 2014 at 10:24 pm

    I was thinking, that the dress/model looks a lot like the dress/actress from the latest Gatsby movie.

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