The Mistletoe Mix!

I’ve been a little bit behind updating the Pink Carnation Playlists here on the website. (I petered out around The Temptation of the Night Jasmine, although there’s a half-finished one for Blood Lily in a file on my computer somewhere.)

But, courtesy of Lorri, just in time for Christmas, we have… the Mistletoe Playlist!

Huge thanks to Lorri for putting this together. You can play the “Of Wallflowers and Vegetables” fan mix here (how much do I love that title?), or if you just want to check out the song list, you can find it here.

Which songs would you recommend for Turnip and Arabella?

The wonderful Lorri has also put together a mix for Mary and Vaughn… but I’ll save that one until after the holidays.

Merry, merry, all!

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