August Adventures: Day Four

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Today’s Adventure: The Typewriter Girl, by Alison Atlee

Here’s Alison:

“But did you know it is almost the best job in London a girl could hope for?”

That question of Betsey Dobson’s turned up in the earliest draft of The Typewriter Girl and survived many revisions, but it took awhile for me to understand just how much it expressed about Betsey and the adventure that changes her life.

Funny how we speak of adventure: Adventure awaits. It beckons, calls. We discover adventure, we embark upon it.

Which all suggests that we have to make ourselves available to it. A shiny new adventure might be sitting in the driveway with a full tank of gas, but it’s going nowhere until we take our place in the driver’s seat.

What I loved about writing Betsey’s adventure was how she kept letting it grow, just a little at a time. She thinks she’s made it, there at the beginning of the story. Getting that typewriting job was an enormous accomplishment for her. She thinks, If I can just hold on to this much, I won’t ask for more.

Except for the word “almost.” Almost the best job. To me, that signaled a spark inside Betsey, a belief that if she gave her dreams a little extra room to run, they’d grow. And then, anything was possible.

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