More Interviews on the Internet

I’ve been bouncing around the blogosphere again! Right now, you can find me:

— talking about writing and lawyering to the brilliant Robyn Hagan Cain over at the FindLaw blog;

— with award winning novelist C.W. Gortner, discussing The Ashford Affair on his blog, Historical Boys;

— and over on the B&N book clubs blog, being interviewed by Debbie Haupt about Ashford, Pink, writing, and the vicissitudes of book tour.

As of 10:00 Eastern Standard Time tonight, you can also find me live-streaming from the Poisoned Pen in Arizona. (Note to self: live stream should not be used as a verb. It sounds a little creepy that way.) Anyway, phrased otherwise, the Poisoned Pen Ashford Affair launch event will be recorded and blasted through the internet through this link here.


  1. Céline on April 12, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    I’ve just listened to the event at the Poisoned Pen and I loved hearing you talk about Bea and Addie (and Miss Gwen and Sally, and Jane, although it really does make me sad to think about the end of the Pink series)!
    It was a really great interview and I cannot but hope that there will be other recordings later on!

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