One week until ASHFORD!

As much as it boggles my mind, it is, indeed, April already– which means only one week left to go until The Ashford Affair appears in bookstores! (Or in your mailbox or on your Kindle or Nook or iTunes account.)

The Ashford Affair comes out next Tuesday, April 9th!

So much Ashford info to share….

You can read the Prologue of The Ashford Affair either here on the website or on the snazzy Ashford Facebook app (complete with simulated page flipping).

You can find the complete first chapter of The Ashford Affair on audio (and info on audio editions) here.

For information on when and where various editions will be available and how to purchase signed and personalized copies, just click here.

For my UK readers who have been asking, The Ashford Affair will be available on Kindle in the UK on April 9th (the same day as the US release).

You can find the round-up of author tour appearances over on the sidebar to the left, right here on the News page.

For those who can’t make any of the events, I am absolutely thrilled to announce that there will be a live webcast of The Ashford Affair launch event on the evening of April 9th.

Pop over to the Ashford bibliography over on the Diversions page for some of the historical background that went into The Ashford Affair and suggestions for further reading.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the web, Miss Eliza of Strange and Random Happenstance has declared the month of April “Ashford April”, so head over there for reviews of Ashford-related books and a chance to win some prizes.

Is there anything I’ve left out of this Ashford release week compendium? If you have any questions for me, just post them below!

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