Pinkorama #3

Just a quick reminder… all Pinkorama entries are due in tomorrow! I’ll be posting the full slate of candidates here on the website on Wednesday, so everyone can vote for their favorites, with prizes all around.

And now, without further ado, we have Pinkorama #3, courtesy of the talented Candace and Cassandra: “Peep & Biscuits”, in which the Honorable Miles Dorrington finally, finally gets to propose properly to Henrietta– with, of course, Bunny-the-bunny presiding.

Here’s the overview:

And another view of the overall scene:

(Can you believe that everything in here is made out of candy?)

I deeply covet that chocolate canopy bed:

As you can see, Miles laid out a full feast for Henrietta, complete with ginger biscuits:

And a blazing fire in the hearth. I think Hen looks rather touched, don’t you?

(That’s Bunny-the-bunny next to her, of course.)

As for Miles, he’s still dealing with that floppy lock of hair….

Thank you, Candace and Cassandra! I am blown away by the chocolate floor and wainscoting…. Not to mention those portraits and candlesticks!

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