Pinkorama #2

More fun with peeps! For Pinkorama #2, we have Christine and Jean’s creation: The Ruination of Penelopeep.

Here’s the description:

Ahh, Penelopeep. She was rocking out to the Harlem Shake at a party with her girls (hey, at least it wasn’t Gangnam Style) and accidentally blurts out that she was snogging with Freddie Staines in his bedroom! He’s no Harry Styles, but he is charming. Now she’s ruined, or so she thinks. In swoops the Dowager Countess – I mean Dowager Duchess – to the rescue. She knows Penelopeep is a good gel so now she has informed Freddie that he, under threat of pain, will be marrying Penelopeep. The outlook doesn’t seem that bad – look at the size of that ring!

Ah, Dame Maggie, you do get around. And I cannot imagine anyone better suited to play the Dowager Duchess of Dovedale– even when covered with bright yellow sugar.

Check out the look of chagrin on Freddie’s face!

Thanks so much, Christine and Jean!! Aside from the fact that I want to move into that room (oh, the books!), I’m still laughing over the Grantham/Dovedale connection….

Pinkorama #3 coming up tomorrow!


  1. Vanessa on March 31, 2013 at 7:09 pm

    Wow! That’s a great diorama! I want to live among shelves of books!

    Also, Happy Easter!

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