ORCHID AFFAIR– Booksellers' Best!

What with one thing and another, I entirely forgot to mention that while I was off in Anaheim, The Orchid Affair won the Booksellers’ Best Award!

I am very grateful to all of the booksellers and librarians who volunteered their time to judge and the wonderful ladies of GDRWA who go through the headache of pulling this contest together every year. There were many talented authors represented, so I am honored and humbled that Laura’s and Andre’s story was the one that won.

For your amusement, since Mischief of the Mistletoe won the BBA last year (have I mentioned that I truly, deeply love booksellers and librarians, especially ones with such excellent taste?), here are the two awards together: Mama Award and Baby Award. I’d thought they were exactly the same until I brought them home and….

It grew! Maybe it’s been taking its vitamins?

You’ll see at the bottom it says “Editor: Erika Imranyi”. Thanks to the vagaries of the publishing world, Erika and I only got to work on three books together, Orchid, Mistletoe, and The Garden Intrigue— but so far, all of those books have been winners. Thank you, Erika!!

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