Austen Samplers and Marzipan Pigs

One of the perks of my job is that many fabulous and random things come my way in the course of the day: in this case, Jane Austen cross stitch patterns and marzipan pigs.

The link to the Jane Austen cross stitch patterns was sent to me by Rosie. (Thanks, Rosie!) My favorites? Jane Austen and the One That Got Away, the Eliza de Feuillide souvenir (Austen’s cousin Eliza was one of my inspirations for Emma in The Garden Intrigue), and– sorry, it had to be done– Darcy & Elizabeth at the Zombie Ball. Fortunately, the zombies seem to be behaving themselves. For the moment.

Entering the realm of much cuteness, Celine sent me these pictures of a marzipan pig for Eloise. (For those who haven’t read The Orchid Affair yet, Eloise has rather a thing for marzipan pigs.)

It appears to be cozying up to a large pile of Pink books.

Here’s the Extreme Close-Up:

I have been informed that it did, indeed, taste just as good as it looks.

Happy Saturday, all!


  1. Céline on April 30, 2012 at 4:14 am

    It was kind of heartbreaking to eat it, but like Eloise would have done, I started with the red ribbon…

    RIP, Lady Marzipan Pig…

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