I’ll be teaching my very first online seminar for Writer’s Digest University next Thursday at one o’clock.

The program is on The Ins and Outs of Writing a Series (you can find the full description by clicking here).

It’s a rather ingenious set-up. The program lasts an hour and a half. I talk in real time and participants can email me questions along the way, so I’m responding as I would in a real classroom. (Minus the being able to bribe people with chocolate chip cookies. That usually worked well for me with undergrads.) Participants receive a video of the presentation a week after, so they can replay it as many times as they like.

I will admit, I am a bit nervous about teaching a class full of people I can’t see!

If this one goes well, I’ll be doing a couple of others in the fall, including one on How to Write a Love Scene. Stay tuned!

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