18th Century Cosmo

18th Century Cosmo has it all: true confessions, advertisements, a quiz, even a centerfold. All I can say is, you guys are the best 18th century editorial staff ever. 18th Century Cosmo significantly enlivened a rainy week.

The voting was neck and neck, with every article having its partisans, but, in the end, a few shot ahead.

The winners of the 18th Century Cosmo contest are:

— In third place: 5 Ways to Spot a Rake, by Stephanie R.

— In second place: the Cosmo Quiz, For Heaven’s sake, is he a rake? by J.L.

— And in first place… Most True and Faithful Confessions by Chelsea and Kat.

I’d like to use my authorial prerogative and award Special Honorable Mentions to the two visuals: the advertisement for Mrs. Loveney’s Academy for Reforming Rakes by Chloe F and the watercolor centerfold, Burton Kemble, by Cassandra.

Kudos, ladies! You may pick your prize– any book or piece of Pink paraphernalia is fair game. Just email and let me know what you’d like! (And where to send it.)

Chosen from among the judges to receive a copy of The Masque of the Black Tulip is… Gifty, of Comment #47! Congrats, Gifty! Just email me with the requisite mailing info.

I’d like everyone who contributed an article to 18th Century Cosmo to take a great big bow. You are all superb. With any luck, this will all shortly be up on the Diversions page for posterity! (Or at least the foreseeable internet future.)

If anyone missed out on 18th Century Cosmo while it was on newsstands, you can find the full edition here.


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