Pinkorama #3

I’ve been Peeped!

Yes, it’s true. I’ve been turned into a character in a Pinkorama.

Here’s the description of this latest Pinkorama, by Christine and Jean:

Poor Peep Lauren. She has so many things on her mind. What will the new title of Ashford Park be? Why don’t people understand that RSVP means you actually have to respond by that date? What if Starbucks discontinues the pumpkin spice latte? So on a rainy and dreary morning in NYC, Peep Lauren decided to stay in bed a little while longer and dream all the stressful thoughts away. But deep within her subconscious lay one very important question: how will the Pink series end? Peep Lauren’s dreams were filled with thoughts of Peep Eloise, toiling away to finish her dissertation while wondering what would become of her relationship with Peep Colin. Peep Eloise, exhausted by the dramas of her love life, soon fell asleep too. Little did both of them know that their thoughts and writings were not under their own control. No, everything was masterminded by a secret gathering of Peep Pink heroines in the garden at Selwick Hall, around a statue of Peep Cupid, each standing near her assigned flower. They had successfully asked Peep Cupid to pair them up with their dream men, thus resulting in what we now know as the Peep Pink Carnation series. Now, Peeps Amy, Henrietta, Letty, Mary, Charlotte, Penelope, Arabella, Laura and Emma gather one last time to map out the futures of the unsuspecting Peep Miss Gwen and Peep Jane. So we bring you… Peep Inception!

Poor Peep Lauren, indeed!

Here’s Peep Lauren’s apartment…

… with a close-up of all the scattered manuscript pages and Peep Lauren in her little Peep box bed:

(Should I be worried that I seem to have turned green?)

Meanwhile, Eloise (orange, to go with her hair), is fast asleep in Colin’s study…

(Check out the family portraits on the walls!)

… while all the Pink heroines gather for a secret meeting in the gardens of Selwick Hall, each with her own flower:

We’ve got Emma and Letty on either side of the statue of Cupid in the middle (you can guess who’s who based on who is wearing the emerald ring!)…

… Penelope, Laura, and Mary over on the right (wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall for THAT conversation!)…

… and Letty, Henrietta, Charlotte, and Amy on the left. (Just like old times!)

As always, poor Arabella is off by herself in the back. (Where’s Turnip when she needs him? Oh, wait; he probably wasn’t invited to the Ladies’ Caucus.)

And here’s the whole scene, with me, dreaming Eloise, dreaming the Pink ladies:

Unless it’s the other way around?

Thank you, Christine and Jean! I am hugely flattered to have been immortalized in Peep.


  1. Catie on April 11, 2012 at 10:57 am

    That is exceedingly clever! Well done!

  2. Jessica Mac on April 11, 2012 at 11:49 am

    Oh my gosh! This is too funny! The little books and the wall pictures are so cute! Love the intro as well! Great job ladies!

  3. aniko on April 11, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    I love these!! What a great idea to put you in them. And what great little covers of the books. Super work!

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