Radio Shows and Ballrooms, Oh My!

Today is a multi-media day for me. I’ll be airing on Literary New England tonight at eight o’clock (or thereabouts) to discuss the Pink books, why I respect romance fiction, and many other rambling sorts of things.

Amended to add: it’s a multi-author program, so I probably won’t be on until nine or a little after… and I also forgot to mention before that they’ll be giving away a copy of The Garden Intrigue!

If you miss the broadcast, you can catch the show later in the Literary New England archives.

In the meantime, I’ll be dancing all day at the Ballroom Blog (trust me, I mean dancing very, very metaphorically– unless we’re talking about interpretive dance here), where I have my very first post up.

In late-breaking news, I’m excited to announce that there WILL be a New York reading for The Garden Intrigue after all! As part of Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Week, I’ll be reading on April 23rd, at some point between eight and ten in the evening (there’ll be a few of us reading) at Bar 82. More about that later….

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