1. Christine on February 1, 2012 at 11:22 am

    1:30am – baby cries, husband gets up to change diaper, hands baby over for feeding
    1:37am – Entertainment Weekly website is my friend. Wow I really hate Lea Michele’s SAG dress.
    1:52am – put baby back down, go to sleep
    4:15am – baby cries, husband gets up to change diaper, hands baby over for feeding
    4:29am – ESPN.com is my friend. Peyton Manning is totally getting screwed.
    4:40am – put baby back down, go to sleep
    7:05am – baby cries, husband is in the shower, get up to change diaper, baby pees on me, wash pee off hands, change baby’s clothes, change baby’s sheets, feed baby, put baby back down, go to sleep
    (lather, rinse, repeat for the next several hours)
    1:30pm – YAY freakishly warm again today! Get dressed, change baby, hope there’s no diaper blow-out like yesterday, put jacket on baby, put baby in stroller, go outside, almost melt from exposure to natural light
    3:30pm – try to bake Day 3 of Muffins… realize I’m out of regular flour. Consider using cake flour.
    5:05pm – wonder if husband’s meeting will run late again today. Put baby on his play mat. Fall asleep next to him using blanket I knitted for baby. That thing is really coming in handy.
    8:30pm – finally get a chance to read book
    10:00pm – realize daily ridiculous TV show is now on (depending on day: Hawaii 5-0, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Jersey Shore)
    11:05pm – try to get into bed, but baby is hungry…

  2. Nancy on February 1, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    We’ll just leave out the childern waking for the multiple reason they can not sleep (child, reason, and time changes every night).
    5am – husband up and for some strange reason can not get dress without making enough noise to wake the household.
    5:30am – give up and get up, get dress.
    6:00am – put togethre backpacks and snacks for school. (Should have done this last night)
    6:30 am – leave for work.
    7:30-4:30 work
    5:30pm – home, bathroom, feed animals
    6:00pm – dinner, homework, laudary, cleaning
    8:00-9:00 pm attempt to put kids to bed and watch TV
    10:00pm shower and bed.

  3. Joanne M. on February 1, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    Thanks for giving us a peek inside the life of a writer!

    My typical day? I glide down the winding staircase in my peignoir set and silk mules…stand on the bottom step and kiss family as they go out the door and hand each their lunch…tennis at the club and then ladies’ lunch…dinner with the family (as children drink their milk and eat their vegetables while listening with rapt attention as father imparts wisdom)…fireside reading in the evening with husband…kiss freshly bathed cherubs off to bed…godess of the night for husband for the remainder of the night….oh, wait! Is that the alarm clock? I must be dreaming!!

    Reality: 6:30 A.M. Stagger into car with grumbling kids for carpool…errands, grocery, laundry, laundry, and laundry…pick up and taxi kids to after school activities….order pizza for dinner…husband is working late…help daughter with geometry homework while she has meltdown and proclaims, “Why do I need to learn this STUPID stuff…I’m going to be an ACTRESS!!” (She has a point)…yell to stop wrestling and fighting going on upstairs….and then yell some more….more laundry….fall into bed exhausted. Rinse. Repeat.

    It really is a great life! 🙂

  4. SusanN on February 1, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    My days are too boring to inflict on you. Late nights at work (1 am, 3 am, etc.), caregiver duties. Blah.

    But what I really wanted to comment on were those book covers at the end of the post. Are those the new covers? Very nice. Especially like the Black Tulip one.

  5. Lauren on February 2, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    Hi, Susan! The covers for “Black Tulip”, “Emerald Ring”, “Crimson Rose”, and “Night Jasmine” picture there are the UK editions. Didn’t they do a lovely job?

  6. Jane on February 3, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    You’re getting married? When? (At least approximately. It occurs to me that you may not want to tell the world the exact date.) Tell us about him! With the insanely busy life you lead, when did you manage to meet him?

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