And the winner is….

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed her talent and ingenuity to the Garden Intrigue Pink for Pink Project!

Often, in these contests, I’ve noticed that a clear winner emerges early on. In this case, the voting was all over the map– which, I think, speaks to the excellence of all the designs contributed. There wasn’t a single entry that didn’t receive multiple votes.

In the end, however, a few designs did pull out ahead. (If this were a horse race, we would all have been on the edge of our seats, mint juleps in hand.)

Third runner up is…

#17! “Emma Delagardie, Grand Inquisitor for Poetic Excellence”, by Shelli.

Second runner up is…

#11! The Pink Carnation flip-flops, by Elizabeth.

First runner up is…

#19! The “England” coffee mug, by Laura.

And the winner is…

#18! The Garden Intrigue t-shirt, by Vizelle.

As a thank-you to everyone who voted, we have one more winner, a judge chosen at random from among all those who voted. Our additional winner is Donna, of Comment #112.

Congratulations, all! Of course, what you win is….

You know the drill: just email me with the relevant details and I’ll pop your ARC in the mail to you.

Everyone else, stay tuned for another contest next Wednesday! (Hint: this one involves poetry.)


  1. Ammy Belle on September 27, 2011 at 11:21 am

    Congratulations! What lovely items!

  2. SusanN on September 27, 2011 at 4:28 pm


    I’m still amazed at the entries–they were all winners in my book.

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