Toronto– Take Two

To anyone who came out to B Espresso Bar today, I apologize. Due to an unforeseen sketch comedy routine involving a plane that kept going back to the gate (will it fly? will it not fly? stay tuned for our thrilling conclusion!), I wound up making it into Toronto several hours later than planned.

But I am here now. And I will be at B Espresso Bar at 273 Bloor Street tomorrow morning from eleven to twelve. (Just walk into the glass music building and down the Hall of Pianos to find the cafe.)

This time, I’m already right across the street, so I have no transportation excuses!


  1. Céline on June 5, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    So near and so far away at the same time! I would have loved to be able to come and have a chat with you, maybe even ask you to sign all my Pink Carnations!!!
    But 400km is a bit too much for my current timetable !!

    Btw, I’ve just finished Blood Lily and it was surely one of your best to date !

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