The Friendship Fix

I am thrilled to announce a very special guest appearance. Dr. Andrea Bonior, author of the recent book, The Friendship Fix, and the wildly popular Washington Post column, “Baggage Check“, will be here on the site next week.

Ever wondered whether Charlotte and Penelope have a destructive relationship? Or why Richard can’t just get over the whole Miles thing already? Dr. Bonior will be visiting the site for a live chat to answer all your questions. You can write in as a character or as you. (And if you want to ask about you rather than the characters, that’s fine, too.) To see one of Dr. Bonior’s recent Q&A’s, just click here.

I have to admit, I am very much hoping that “An Anonymous Vegetable” will write in. Or maybe a certain “Parasol Afficcionada”. Or “”.

I’ll be giving away a copy of the The Friendship Fix to one participant and a copy of The Orchid Affair (talk about people who need help with their relationships!) to another, both winners to be chosen at random at the end of the chat.

So get your questions ready! It will be sometime in the early evening next week– I’ll be posting the actual time and date shortly.

(In the meantime, Book Sparks is offering a Friendship Fix contest! If you buy a copy of The Friendship Fix by 5:00 on Friday, Book Sparks will enter you to win various gift certificates and prizes. You can find the details and the rules here.)

More on Dr. Bonior’s guest visit soon!


  1. Suzan on May 7, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    What an incredible idea! Now if I could only think of what character and questions.

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