Pinkorama #7

Otherwise known as “Peck, my peeps! Peck!”

In this flashback to The Deception of the Emerald Ring, brought to us by Kate, Christine, Jess, and Yao, it’s 2003 and Eloise is hard at work at her favorite desk in the British Library reading room. (Check out her tiny laptop!)

Meanwhile, back in 1803, Miss Gwen singlehandedly quells the Irish rebellion with her trusty sword parasol and the help of some barnyard friends as she charges into battle, shouting, “Peck, my peeps! Peck!”

(It also cannot go unremarked that Miss Gwen is sporting her favorite color: purple. Now that’s some real attention to detail, there!)

Okay, maybe not entirely singlehandedly. Geoff is there, too, rapier– and eyebrows– at the ready.

As they storm the crowd, Jasper Peepingdale sees his opportunity and seizes Letty. Never was there a Peep with such obnoxious sideburns!

Oh, and lest it go unnoticed, check out the Dublin street scenes in the background.

A huge round of applause for Kate, Christine, Jess, and Yao and their Pinkoramas! Pinkoramae? Either way, they are truly fabulous.


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