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A lovely review of Pink I from the Paperback Princesses. (Don’t you love that name?) The Paperback Princesses dub The Secret History of the Pink Carnation “witty, exciting, romantic, adventurous and downright funny.”

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  1. Anonymous on October 17, 2010 at 2:18 am

    Congrads on yet another great review!!
    I was surprised though that they thought the books appropriate for teenagers. The Pink series definitely ranks in the most graphic series I have ever read. I don’t know I think if I gave these books to some of the teens or young adults I know their moms would be angry. Maybe older college age teens. Rated R Maybe PG13. To be fair Pinks #4 and #5 are probably more PG13.
    (Of course my parents don’t care, but I am over 20 and they don’t pay attention to what I read.)
    I of course am a huge fan of the books but I think a lot of my friends would think they’re too graphic.I honestly think you have to be careful marketing the series to teens.

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