Mini-Contest #3!

This particular contest was inspired by a comment made by Kathleen (thanks, Kathleen!) during the last mini-contest, when she suggested a Pink book set in outer space. I couldn’t stop laughing over the concept of the Pink gang hurtling through outer space, battling French foes in a galaxy far, far away. Anyone remember that old Muppet Show routine, Pigs in Space? This would be Pink in Space. The Scarlet Pimpernel meets Star Wars.

So here’s your challenge for this week: provide a brief (just a few lines) summary of the plot of Pink in Space— the sillier the better!

Next week, I’ll open the judging up to everyone to select their top three favorites. The winner will receive an ARC of The Betrayal of the Blood Lily, while the runners-ups will each receive a $10 Starbucks card (that spaceship needs some sort of fuel, so why not a latte?).


  1. Jessica S. on October 13, 2009 at 11:12 am

    Well, first, I think the hero needs to be Turnip Fitzhugh. And the heroine could be Lucy Ponsonby. They stumble onto a balcony together (he trips and falls right on to her), only to find it’s a portal to a galaxy far, far away. In this galaxy Turnip is considered a total stud and Lucy begins to see him in a new light.

    The spy part comes when we discover that Delaroche’s torture chamber has a similar portal and has been going to this galaxy to recruit soldiers. Part of the torture chamber is actually a salon to make them look human. (Amy and Richard never noticed, but to be fair, Richard’s a man’s man and Amy never did like to spend a lot of time on her appearance…unless she was doing a disguise.)

    Jane, of course, knows all of this and is sending messages through a potted plant in the balcony. Lucy, being (marginally) the brains of the operation, figures out what these strange messages mean just in time for the two of them to foil Delaroche’s recruitment station. There is also an alien girl who is the rival for Turnip’s affection, but in the end he and Lucy get married and raise the silliest children the ton have ever seen.

  2. Kit on October 13, 2009 at 11:44 am

    Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, hostile space creatures looked down on Earth and snickered. They saw the insipid Almacks, the drawn-up rivalry between France and England; they watched in shocked incredulity as men took flower aliases, but, the most unbearable facet of earth life was the SHEEP!

    Those stupid sheep were so offensive to these unseen watchers that they began planning an attack to wipe out the sheep. These preparations go unnoticed, or, they would have is Whittlesby hadn’t been in his bottle.

    Stumbling from a bar one night, Whittlesby fell over in the middle of the Luxemberg Gardens. Being a poor poet, he wasn’t concerned with footpads, and to be honest, he was in no state to even think of trivalities like material gains. He had been thwarted. Jane, that paragon, the princess of azure toes, had refused his advances. . . again. Oh, merry twinkling stars! how can you shine when my heart has lost it’s life-light. Oh, your twinkling light!

    He stopped, and peered at the stars (Lying on the ground made this particularly easy). One star wasn’t twinkling. It was *glowing* with a strong steady light, an omnious light.

    Whittlesby watched this star for several (sober) nights in the following week. The strange star was a puzzlement and he eventually went to Jane. She was skeptical, but they watched the stars for weeks and noticed as the incongrous light steadly grew.

    Because they watched the light, they saw it grow closer, and they knew when it disappeared–fell to earth actually. Across the chanel in Shropshire, Derek Meadows also knew. The ship fell on top of him. As he was trapped by this extraterrestrial mass, the alien invaders disembarked, collected all the sheep and herded them on to the ship to be ejacted into outer space (so much easier than killing them all).

    Derek, being a rather stupid fop, didn’t know what to do, so he wrote to his Aunt Gwen, who told her charge Miss Jane Wooliston. This dynamic duo, along with the obervant Mr. Whittlesby embarked on an epic adventure. Well, actually, they tried to, but it took them some time to build a spaceship. In this, Mr. Whittlesby proved invaluable, which is why Miss Gwen eventually allowed him to come along.

    Once the ship was airborn, the mission went smoothly, the sheep, who had been sent into orbit by the aliens, were recaptured by the Pink Carnation and sent back to earth with Mr. Whittlsby. Jane and Miss Gwen hoped into thier private pod and chased after the invaders, in order to prevent a recurrence of this sheep-napping. (Neither woman wanted to have to build another spaceship).

    (Describe the battle)

    When Jane and Miss Gwen landed in Shropshire, they found the earth as it was supposed to be. Except for a very indignant Amy. “Did you really have to save the sheep?!”

    The End

  3. Lizzy on October 13, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    While persuing French spies through the grounds of the Royal Academy of sciences, our heroine finds herself caught in a giant catapult, which hurls her to Mars! On Mars, she discovers a beautiful city full of sophisticated people–but the French have been here before! Will our heroine get back to Earth before her hosts find out her true occupation?

  4. Kevin Verdon on October 13, 2009 at 1:18 pm

    Pink in Space: The League of the Carnelian Nebula

    Stardate 1804.11

    A long time ago (well these stories DID take place over 200 years ago…) during a rather raucous Guy Fawkes celebration, Richard, Amy, Miles, Henrietta, Geoff and Lety are gatherer together to watch Turnip Fitzhugh clumsily attempt to ignite a rather large firework. There is a sudden flash and explosion and when the smoke clears the group is amazed to find themselves on the bridge of some strange vessel that appears to be floating in an endless sea of stars. As Amy moves closer to Richard and breathes (“You once offered me a necklace.. but I never dreamed….”) the group notices that a lady who looks amazingly like Jane is standing next to a nattily dressed Turnip Fitzhugh. The lady, attired in a smart uniform with an insignia of what appears to be 3 pink carnations, introduces herself as Commander Jane Bond and welcomes them to the League of the Carnelian Nebula’s Starship, the Carnelian Falcon. Commander Jane explains that Time Lord Fitzhugh has been closely observing them and has brought them light-years into the future to assist the League in a problem that affects both their timelines. It seems that the League needs their insight and help to recapture and hopefully save one of the League’s agents that has gone over to the Dark Side (and we are not talking chocolate). The agent they need to find is the evil, the dark, the sinister…………..DARTH VAUGHN!

  5. Monica C on October 13, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    Heroine: Eloise

    Just when Eloise had come to terms that Colin was not 007, she discovers a hidden room in his London Flat and what looks just like any old room is a space time machine. She enters moves a few coat hangers and finds her self in Pinktation the 15th planet in our soler system.

    There she discovers that the real colin has been taken hostage and alien version of himself has been on earth trying to find the hiding treasure that the pink carnation left buried in a secret spot. So will Eloise rescue the real colin and travel back to earth in time to stop the aliens from stealing the treasure.

  6. Stephanie on October 13, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    Once upon a time… Jane and Miss Gwen are in Delaroche’s office and are looking for top secret information. Miss Gwen opens the globe and is magically taken to outer space! But horror of all horrors, her parasol was left behind!
    Miss Gwen discovers the alien scum have been watching the “insignificant life forms” and have placed bets on which side will triumph, the French or British. Miss Gwen is horrified that they could ever think the British might lose. She immediately turns to jab the alien leader with her parasol, but alas it is not here!!! Instead she grabs an electronic thingy (the aliens, being far more advanced, have invented a device that will eventually be known as a taser) and shoots him with it. Shocked (in more ways than one) the leader orders a full attack on Miss Gwen!
    Miss Gwen turns around and trips… right into Jane!!! Jane had followed when Miss Gwen disappeared. When the aliens saw Jane they stopped in surprise, because Jane is a favorite among the aliens. She graciously explains everything and the alien leader (who is still glaring at Miss Gwen) tells her it is perfectly alright. He flies them home. Miss Gwen promptly sat down and began rewriting her romance novel to include aliens and outer space!

  7. Rachel on October 13, 2009 at 8:01 pm

    Napoleon, not content with European dominion, decides to expand his empire to the outer reaches of the solar system. While the fearsome Martians will pose some challenge to this goal, the peaceful denizens of Venus stand in grave danger from the French threat, and Jane decides to lend her expertise toward their efforts in defeating the Emperor.
    With help from unparalleled R&D branch of the War Office, Jane, Miss Gwen, and Stiles take off for the unexplored horizons of our nearest neighbor (I think), Stiles as shuttle pilot. Reaching the planet proves to be the easiest of the tasks before the intrepid trio as they confront the daunting challenge of convincing the most pacifist people in the galaxy that they must stand up to an evil Earthling’s machinations to take over the universe.
    In the end, they refuse to fight Napoleon with any of the conventional military tactics known to man (or any others…), but instead create a shield around their planet made entirely of pink carnations. The French army were entirely powerless against the protection offered by this awesome amulet and abandoned their plans for galactic domination.

    P.S. After 200 years, the carnations disintegrated into a massive cloud of carbon dioxide – still around today! 🙂

  8. Rachel on October 13, 2009 at 8:02 pm

    Napoleon, not content with European dominion, decides to expand his empire to the outer reaches of the solar system. While the fearsome Martians will pose some challenge to this goal, the peaceful denizens of Venus stand in grave danger from the French threat, and Jane decides to lend her expertise toward their efforts in defeating the Emperor.
    With help from unparalleled R&D branch of the War Office, Jane, Miss Gwen, and Stiles take off for the unexplored horizons of our nearest neighbor (I think), Stiles as shuttle pilot. Reaching the planet proves to be the easiest of the tasks before the intrepid trio as they confront the daunting challenge of convincing the most pacifist people in the galaxy that they must stand up to an evil Earthling’s machinations to take over the universe.
    In the end, they refuse to fight Napoleon with any of the conventional military tactics known to man (or any others…), but instead create a shield around their planet made entirely of pink carnations. The French army are entirely powerless against the protection offered by this awesome amulet and abandon their plans for galactic domination.

    P.S. After 200 years, the carnations disintegrated into a massive cloud of carbon dioxide – still around today! 🙂

  9. Rachel on October 13, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    oops, sorry for the double submission… (the second one is slightly more grammatically correct, if you have to choose one) 🙂

  10. Erin on October 13, 2009 at 8:19 pm

    A Long Time Ago in a Ballroom Far, Far Away….
    The upper circles of English espionage are devastated. The elusive and beloved Pink Carnation, alias Jane Wooliston, has been killed in a skirmish with the recently escaped French agent, Jean Luc. Operating on long dead orders issued by the Marquise de Montval, the ever obedient Jean Luc pursues poor oblivious Turnip Fitzhugh. Unfortunately, no one told Jean Luc that his mistress is dead and that he need not be afraid of her anymore. Doing some persuing of their own, Jane and Miss Gwen follow the devoted Frenchman to the piers in Brighton where he is desperately attempting to remove Turnip from his perch on a piling. The resulting brawl ends with all being lost in the waves. Or does it…
    Simultaneously in the Vegonian Galaxy, the Grand-General Rutab prepares to bring the Long separated prince of his people, The Turnipsians, back from his term living among the more remote civilations of the world. Unfortunately, just as the helmsmen lock on to the prince’s signal, the reading is blurred and a much larger parcel is brought on board. Soon the terrified Turnipsians are cowering terrified under their consoles, being scared into complacency by a certain purple parasol…
    As they race across the universe back to their home planet, the Vegonians are unaware that they are being watched. The Legumian army is assembled on cramped ships, the only left after the cataclysmic harvesting made in their planet by the higher ups on the food pyramid of their galaxy. Now the legumians are in search of a new planet, the one chosen; Turnipsia. Later allying themselves with the uncanny escape artist Jean Luc, who is still seaking to capture the “Pink Turnip” for the marquise, the Legumians prepare for war.
    Turnipsia must use the new found power, brain power, that has been brought by their Prince’s peers to defeat the Legumians and their French conspirator.

    I don’t think it will sell, but at least we now know why Fitzhugh has always conjured up images of the lesser garden vegetable…

  11. Michelle on October 13, 2009 at 11:54 pm

    The specific setting of the book is Uranus. A fitting place because the planet was originally going to be named after King George III. As a result of this slight, King George is sending his finest citizens to colonize the planet and claim it for England! He hopes this will stall the rising power of his son and successor. He sends his cleverest spy, Jane, along with Miles and Henrietta to scout out the lay of the land. These three, accompanied by Miss Gwen who FORGOT her parasol on earth and is a wee bit testy, bump into a spaceship carrying Empress Josephine. In hopes of winning back Napoleon’s favor, she has taken it upon herself to secure this new planet for France. Henrietta succumbs to this romantic notion and flirts with the idea of helping Josephine. However, when Napoleon catches whiff of the plot and visits the planet himself madcap comedy ensues. Jane needs a plausible explanation for her presences; Henrietta must stop catching the eye of the emperor, and if Josephine puts her hand one more time on Miles’ fetching knee, someone will be cast off into space!

  12. Catherine on October 14, 2009 at 5:26 am

    Amy is not content. she feels out of touch in her pastoral life. Despite her wedded bliss, she wants to be more involved in the fight for the French nobility. Tucked away on her country estate, she begins work on a carriage with the capability to take her to London and back before afternoon tea is served. Unfortunately when it comes time to test her new invention, a stray sheep nudges it off course, sending her, along with a host of other English patriots rocketing into space. They land on a passing asteroid which happens to be surrounded by breathable air. (Huzzah!) Unfortunately there is no fuel to send them back (blast!) but something tells Jane the rock their floating on which seems to have effect on the moods of those who stand on it, might render more than just a way home, but a way to end the war…

  13. Anne K on October 14, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    Pink in Space Episode 457: When is a Broom Closet not a Good Place to Hide?

    In our last episode, Jane, and her league of laudable ladies, escaped the clutches of Deleroche and his newest sidekick, the evil Countess Andromeda, by hiding the broom closet of Andromeda’s Moon Palace until she had given up searching and went to the moon rock garden to pout. We join our heroines, inside the broom closet.

    The girls tiptoed down the hall in single file. Charlotte, of course, brought up the rear, still daydreaming about how perfectly suited unicorns are for space travel. It really was a wonder that their single horn didn’t get in the way of the buttons. If only Pen were here with them, instead of haring off to the Horseshead Nebula in a daredevil race. It would, however, be lovely for her to win, for a change.

    Suddenly Miss Gwen, the leader of the line, stopped and the girls flattened against the wall. Hen, knowing that Charlotte hadn’t been minding, threw out her arm out to catch and pin Charlotte to the wall. Oomph. Unbelievable screeching was coming from the portal across the hall. The girls huddled under it, except Miss Gwen, who stood guard, parasol at the ready. The screeching sounded like a particularly inept violin student tuning her instrument, or, possibly, practicing Señor Don Gato’s newest composition: Serenade to the Full Moon. Clearly the Countess Andromeda was shrieking in her native language.

    Letty, having experience interpreting all varieties of temper tantrums, translated for the others. “She’s decided to capture the Purple Gentian at the Manly Men in Tights Convention! And hold him ransom! For One Million Dollars!?!” Jane thought that Countess Andromeda’s audacity was outrageous and said so. “Countess Andromeda’s audacity is outrageous!” Just then, the thumping feet characteristic of approaching storm troopers were heard coming from the adjoining hall, so the girls scampered back to the broom closet. Except Miss Gwen, who tried to charge at the approaching henchmen with her new titanium tipped parasol. “We must rescue Richard!” Hen hissed at her, dragging her along with the others.

    Back inside the broom closet, Jane was instructing Letty and Charlotte on how to close the door with the airtight latch and to open the covers on the control panels that none of the others had noticed during their earlier visit. “Plan A is to barge into the Manly Men in Tights Convention and make an announcement that Countess Andromeda is on her way,” Amy was explained.

    “Amy, they won’t let us in if they know that we are women,” Jane explained patiently as she sat in the pilot’s chair of the broom closet that was covertly, and quite fortuitously, a spaceship. Hen slipped into the copilot’s chair as the spaceship sailed past Delaroche’s defense detonators.

    “We have to skip to Plan E if we are to use disguises. Where are we to find britches for all of us on this short notice?” Amy started looking behind the mops and buckets, still wedged into the corner. It was Charlotte, who pulled the much needed costumes from the secret panel labeled “disguises”.

    “Ladies running about in breeches. Disgraceful,” Miss Gwen sniffed her disapproval of the proffered attire.

    “But we shan’t be running precisely. I imagine that we will need to saunter, like so.” She paced the starship that was once a broom closet, and struck a pose so indicatory of Turnip Fitzhugh that all ladies burst into a contagious fit of the giggles, except Miss Gwen, who merely sniffed her approval, and Charlotte, who was once again lost in contemplation of how far away a galaxy could be…

    In our next episode: Rescuing Richard… for Real!

  14. Angie on October 14, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    Darth Vaughn was gloomy.
    He had searched the galaxy for some kind of amusement, something to fill the long, dull hours of travel from star system to star system. The ton varied so infinitesimally from planet to planet that he now had given up the pretense of searching for amusement anywhere but on his own excellent starship. Indeed, though the training of his most recent batch of starship trooper recruits had proven to be mildly entertaining, Darth Vaughn could only watch the clumsy yet enthusiastic volunteers attempt to Gavotte and Quadrille in full armor while wielding blasters for so long before being overcome with the familiar wave of boredom.

    Wandering through the weaving trainees, wheezing noisily due to years of derelict cigar smoking, Darth Vaughn spotted an unfamiliar form bobbing gracefully out of time with the music and energetically waving her blaster. He frowned, sure that he was well acquainted with all female recruits. Realization dawned as he caught a glimpse of an escaped ringlet and a manically determined expression through the shining blast-shield. Darth Vaughn’s lip curled and the spark reignited in his sardonic eyes. Finding out exactly why Lady Amy Selwick was presumably undercover on his starship, and doing everything in his power to make the situation stickier was exactly the entertainment he craved…

    Discover Amy’s self-imposed mission in space, and what happens next when Jedi Master Miss Gwen learns her own destiny, smuggling absinthe and a deadly line of parasols to the scurvy planet of Carnatooine! The crew reunites with one deadly aim: to kick a fearsome flowery foe into hyperspace!

  15. Mona Washabaugh on October 15, 2009 at 12:44 am

    I think this would be a great novella… Eloise has been working way… way… way… too much reading through manuscripts of the Pink Carnation when Colin decides to distract here with a Star Wars Marathon…..

    As she drifts off to sleep she hears the words of Darth Vaughn….. “Jane I am your Father…….” 🙂

  16. Susan on October 15, 2009 at 1:59 pm

    Upon receiving a tip that Delaroche may be a threat, Richard & Amy, Miles & Hen, and Geoff & Letty all follow a lead to Egypt, where Richard uses his knowledge of antiquities to guide them through a pyramid, where they are sucked into a mystical portal and arrive in a strange place. The strange place turns out to be a space station near Mars, where Napolean has been conducting experiments in an attempt become immortal and rule forever.

  17. lAUra on October 15, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    omg. i’m having too much fun reading this.

    ok, so, eloise discovers that not only is colin a spy, but an astronaut as well! his “trips to italy” to visit his mother have really been a cover up for engaging in intergalactic warfare with terrorists! eloise goes haring off after him only to get sidetracked in egypt where she comes across the library at alexandria and some long lost documents detailing the activities of the pink carnation in africa! jane was en route home to england after being in india when she stopped in africa where she gained important information that helped the british win the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805!


  18. lAUra on October 15, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    i forgot to mention that colin’s intergalactic activities take place at the acclaimed space center stationed in dubai (which is why eloise is in egypt going after him).

  19. Alexa on October 16, 2009 at 10:09 am

    After a lovers quarrel with Vaughn, Mary rushes off in a snit, falls down an uncovered well, and is transported to the Starship Floralia. Meanwhile, as she searches the tunnel of Colin’s family estate for some long-lost Pink Carnation papers, Eloise stumbles upon a cache of documents detailing plans for a rudimentary spacecraft. As she unfurls the pages, Eloise is magically transported into outer space. Will our heroine find her way home? Will Mary return to the 19th century and forgive Vaughn? Find out in the latest installment in the Pink Carnation series, The Senility of the Starflower, coming soon to a bookstore near you!

  20. Sheila on October 16, 2009 at 5:36 pm

    Please,please can I be a Turnisian? I don’t have a plot, but I do have a great title: The Titillation of the Trembling Turnip. or maybe the Triumph…

  21. Lois on October 16, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    Ah, well, here is my try. . .

    Amy, Richard, Henrietta, Miles, are in pursuit of the bad guys. . . they are running through a dark alley in London, one not so very traveled. As they discover they are just about to slow down because they realize it’s a dead end, a flash of light head of them blinds them all for a few seconds. . . and then they look around, realize they aren’t in Kansas anymore. They haven’t a clue where the heck they were. . . it was dark, dungy, musky and sounds of shouting somewhere away their location. They see they are in a hallway, where they lights are giving off a reddish glow, strange lights since it doesn’t look they like are candles or oil based. They walk a bit and almost hit into a person — an incredible tall person, wearing lots of leather. . . and has very long hair coming from his incredibly bumpy head. . .

    Space, the final frontier. . . to Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before. . .

    They ask each other, who are you, what are you? The bumpy headed guy says, I’m a Klingon, to which our spies go, huh? He explains, he’s Worf, son of Mogh, talking to the captain of the vessel they are on, and he’s on his way back to the Enterprise. To which someone asks, hey, wasn’t that renamed the HMS Resource at some point (ed note: that’s what Wikipedia said, so I’m going with it LOL)? And everyone stares at each other. Worf said I have to go to the Enterprise, to which the foursome follow, thinking they’ll find some kind of familiar ground, when they find themselves disappearing in a mix of sparkles for a few seconds, going from the dark and dingy room to a bright and clean room with lots of normal looking people in strange pajama looking outfits, including a really short, bald headed guy. He introduces himself as Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the USS Enterprise. To which someone asks, hey, if you’re French, what’s with the British accent? To which he asks about the outfits, knowing they are early 1800s, but why were they wearing them on a klingon ship. To which one of our four say, well, this is what we all wear in London, and what do you mean early 1800s, you make it sound like it was a few years ago or something. . . to which the British sounding French guy says, I don’t understand. . . this is the 24th century. . .

    which makes our four-some faint in the middle of the transporter room. That would be a small snippet of part one — The Best of All Worlds, taking place mostly on the Enterprise, where they are being shown around, they discover they are flying in space, and they thing that yep, we’ve been playing spy way too long, we’ve all cracked up. Then the last thing we see in part one is Q showing up in his Regency regalia saying, well, you four are there because he and Trelane from the Original Star Trek series were messing around with history, especially messing with Napoleon’s mind (which is so much fun for the Q because they promised that they would help out at Waterloo, and well, they lied because it was way more fun to make people think Napoleon was a short fuddy duddy who couldn’t do anything; but made it up to him by naming a pastry after him), and they got caught in the cross hairs, so sorry about that, but they are to busy to fix things. So they are stuck in the 24th century.

    In Part 2, The Best of All Worlds 2, we see that history has radically altered with our brave foursome’s disappearance, because the French, with Delaroche, in their absence, was able to get their spies and troops into England, where he discovered that in the basement of Westminster Abbey is the head of a human looking mechanical being, who, in between endless choruses of “You will be assimilated, resistance is futile”, which, really annoyed him, but he liked the phrase so much, he had it embroidered on the new French-English flag (red, white and blue, in the shape of a cube), shared technology that was beyond what they could have imagined — this thing the Borg invented called Twitter — and using that, he took over the world. Not really by controlling everyone and the messages they saw, just people simply couldn’t take the sound of the name Twitter so they gave him anything he wanted. The crew of the Enterprise needed help to get our Pink Carnation guys back, so since Q doesn’t show up until the nick of time at the very end of the episode, Picard and crew decide, well, to try to help us go back into time. . . we need to try to make it to Vulcan for their help. Alas, they don’t make it, but instead end up in a parallel universe, where everyone meets an alternate version of themselves, including the Pink guys — the parallel universe versions of them are the ones who are actually trying to take over the world and mess up the French. Napoleon there is a nice and good guy, who is fighting to keep the world out of the evil clutches of the English, who wants everyone to be bald with British accents and French last names. And there, somehow James T Kirk is still alive, and he starts hitting on Hen and Amy, and their hubbies try to go after him, but all that happens is his shirt keeps getting ripped, annoying Mr Spock.


  22. AngelB on October 18, 2009 at 3:59 am

    Sorry I cannot enter this contest. I am so not the creative type. 🙂

    Plus, I just keep hearing “Piiink Iiinnn Spaaaccce” in my head. Totally blocks any type of creativity I could have had.

  23. Christine on October 18, 2009 at 11:31 am

    If you build it, she will come… and by “it,” I mean a teleportation device that summons the Pink Carnation to wherever she is needed, like the bat signal. It’s working great, unfortunately Jane is starting to get a little tired. What she doesn’t know is that the device is open to the power of Pink suggestion, so one day, while she’s in the machine and off to another mission, Jane yawns and thinks, “Wow, sometimes I wish this thing would break down and I could take a vacation.” The machine immediately starts making strange noises, lights flash, and Jane is transported to an idyllic paradise in another galaxy full of sun, trees, and Aveda spa products. Everything seems perfect and she’s having a great time, but little does she know…

  24. Charity on October 19, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    If Penelope had known what would happen, she would never have opened that door. Launched into the middle of an interstellar war with only the contents of her reticule (don’t ask) and a cavalry sabre (really, really don’t ask), is she fit to do battle with the forces of the French Imperium?

    Meanwhile, Letty has troubles of her own–namely the early stages of pregnancy and an overprotective husband. So one day, secrets herself behind an arras, and discovers a secret door…

    Frantic to find them both, Hen must continue with the preparations for Jane’s wedding. But then she doesn’t come back from a trip to the linen closet…

    Can they make the transition from ballroom to battleship? Will they ever see Almack’s Assembly Rooms again?

  25. Lauren Willig - News on October 20, 2009 at 10:55 am

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  26. Liz on October 20, 2009 at 1:22 pm

    I like Jessica A’s plot with Lucy & Turnip, but especially loved Anne K’s detailed short ‘When is a broom closet not a good place to hide?’. I was laughing so hard I fell off my desk chair!

  27. Claire on October 21, 2009 at 6:30 am

    Anne K’s was hilarious but i also enjoyed Jessica’s as well as angies…anything with Darth Vaughn is a winner to me.

  28. Claire on October 21, 2009 at 6:32 am

    Anne K’s was hilarious but i also enjoyed Jessica S’s due to the amy disguise and richard man’s man comment, as well as angies…anything with Darth Vaughn is a winner to me.

  29. Lauren Willig - News on October 29, 2009 at 8:23 am

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