Napoleon on Parade

For those lucky folks in the right cities, the Treasures of Napoleon exhibit, a treasure trove of personal artifacts belonging to our favorite French dictator, is touring the United States. It opened in Philadelphia and will be making its triumphal march through California, Missouri, D.C., Florida, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. I’m very miffed that it doesn’t seem to be making a stop in New York.

For more details, check out the tour schedule here.

There’s also a fabulous post up about it on History Hoydens by Amanda Elyot, including pictures of locks of Josephine’s hair (darker than I expected from her portraits!) and Josephine’s prayer book.


  1. aylaeh on September 21, 2009 at 5:05 pm

    i saw this several years ago when it came to atlanta. it’s a great collection of interesting items.

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