On Libertines and Spies

Hi, again!

For those who are interested, there’s a fascinating discussion of the Libertine Hero up on History Hoydens, courtesy of one of my favorite authors, Tracy Grant. Since my own libertine hero made his way into print last year (Lord Vaughn in Crimson Rose), this is a topic particularly dear to my heart. I had a go at sharing my thoughts on this in the comments section, and I’m curious to hear yours, either here or there.

If you scroll down a wee bit on the same page, I posted on the real life antecedents of flowery spies earlier this month.

While I’m at it, tomorrow morning, you’ll find a post from me on Access Romance about one of my favorite– and most controversial– historical romances: Georgette Heyer’s A Civil Contract.

The things I do to avoid working on Book VI!

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