Tasha Alexander on History Hoydens!

Hello, my fellow procrastinators! I’d like to invite you over to History Hoydens, where one of my favorite authors, Tasha Alexander, kindly consented to take over my blog for the day.

Tasha is an author of many talents. (And I’m not just saying this because she relieved me of having to do my post for the day!). The bulk of her books, And Only to Deceive, A Poisoned Season, and A Fatal Waltz, follow the adventures of the freshly widowed Lady Emily Ashton through the drawing rooms of late Victorian London, Paris, and Vienna. Critics have compared the Lady Emily books to Elizabeth Peters and Georgette Heyer. I’d add in Deanna Raybourn and Carole Nelson Douglas (if anyone else has read Douglas’ Irene Adler books, you’ll know what I mean). At the same time, Tasha has also written the book version of Elizabeth:the Golden Age, and today, on History Hoydens, she’s tackled a topic near and dear to my heart: the immortal allure of Mr. Darcy.


  1. Camille la Flamme on May 22, 2008 at 12:21 am

    There’s a novel called “Darcy’s Story”, by Janet Aylmer, that is quite refreshing in a sort of Jane-Austen-must-have-been-reincarnated-and-made-to-write-this way.

  2. Maggie on May 22, 2008 at 11:49 am

    I love Tasha Alexander! I stumbled onto her advance copy of A Poisoned Season when I worked at B&N and quickly bought her first book in the series. I just got my copy of A Fatal Waltz a few days ago from Amazon and I can’t wait to read it.

  3. Georgia on May 22, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    I am looking forward to reading a Fatal Waltz this weekend. I really enjoy her books and especially the way the relationship between Emily and Colin has evolved–his gifts to her at the end of A Poisoned Season really touched me.

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