Happy 10th Anniversary to the Word Wenches!

There’s been one drooping and one auspicious eye over at the Word Wenches…. As some of you may have heard, just as the Word Wenches were kicking off their tenth anniversary celebration last week, one of the Wenches, the incomparable Jo Beverley, shuffled off this mortal coil. Although “shuffle” is absolutely the wrong word here. I like to think of her dancing a quadrille with her usual inimitable style.

After a week of sharing memories of Jo, the Wenches have returned to their anniversary celebrations– with an even keener sense of just how much their community and their books mean to so many people. The world was richer for having Jo Beverley in it and is so much poorer for her absence.

Today on Word Wenches, Eloisa James and I are both raising our glasses to a decade of Word Wenches. Stop by to share your thoughts about historical romance and for a chance to win some books!

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