Happy Anniversary, BLACK TULIP!

In all of the Forgotten Room excitement, I completely missed Miles’s and Henrietta’s tenth anniversary! It’s been ten years now since The Masque of the Black Tulip, the second book in the Pink Carnation series, appeared in print.

tulip_200 Black Tulip Cover

Over the course of those ten years, Miles and Henrietta have won every single popularity contest ever held on this website (stop smirking, Henrietta!); they’ve appeared, in one way or another, in ten of the twelve Pink Carnation novels; they’ve starred in their own Valentine’s Day novella, Bunny & Biscuits; and they have consumed untold numbers of ginger biscuits.

Happy Anniversary, Henrietta and Miles!

To make it up to them, I’ve decided to declare this February Black Tulip Anniversary Month. I’ll be posting the first of four contests (one per week) here on the website later today. I’ll also be posting some outtakes and other tidbits, as time permits.

Stay tuned for the first Black Tulip Anniversary Month event later today!

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