Recommended Reads

People frequently ask me for book recommendations. The list below is by no means an exhaustive one, being the hasty product of the moment, but I can at least attest that all the books listed below are works I’ve read again and again and again. I hope they afford you as much pleasure as they have me.


Donati, Sara.  Into the Wilderness.  (18th C America)
Douglas, Carole Nelson.  Fair Wind, Fiery Star.  (17th C)
Douglas, Carole Nelson.  Lady Rogue.  (18th C)
Fitzgerald, Valerie.  Zemindar.  (19th C India)
Fraser, George MacDonald.  The Pyrates.  (17th C)
Fraser, George MacDonald.  Flashman.  (19th C)
Gabaldon, Diana.  Outlander.  (18th C Scotland)
Kaye, M.M.  Trade Wind.  (19th C Zanzibar)
Kaye, M.M.  The Far Pavilions.  (19th C India)
Kaye, M.M.  Shadow of the Moon.  (19th C India)
Koen, Karleen.  Through A Glass Darkly.  (18th C England)
Laker, Rosalind.  To Dance With Kings.  (18th C France)
Mitchell, Margaret.  Gone With the Wind.
Riley, Judith Merkle.  A Vision of Light.  (14th C England)
Riley, Judith Merkle.  In Pursuit of the Green Lion.  (14th C England)
Riley, Judith Merkle.  The Serpent Garden.  (16th C England)
Riley, Judith Merkle.  The Master of All Desires.  (16th C France)
Riley, Judith Merkle.  The Oracle Glass.  (17th C France)
Ripley, Alexandra.  New Orleans Legacy.  (19th C New Orleans)
Ripley, Alexandra.  On Leaving Charleston.  (Jazz Age America)
Sabatini, Raphael.  Scaramouche.  (French Revolution)
Selinko, Anne-Marie.  Desiree.  (Napoleonic)
Seton, Anya.  Katherine.  (14th C England)
Winsor, Kathleen.  Forever Amber.  (17th C England)
Wolf, Joan.  Born of the Sun.  (6th C England)

Historical Romance

Barnett, Jill.  Bewitching.  (Regency)
Benson, Jessica.  The Accidental Duchess.  (Regency)
Beverly, Jo.  Winter Fire.  (Georgian)
Chase, Loretta.  Lord of Scoundrels.  (Regency)
Chase, Loretta.  Mr. Impossible.  (Regency)
Foley, Gaelen.  The Duke.  (Regency)
Foley, Gaelen.  Lord of Fire.  (Regency)
Heyer, Georgette.  Arabella.  (Regency)
Heyer, Georgette.  Regency Buck.  (Regency)
Heyer, Georgette.  Devil’s Cub.  (Georgian)
James, Eloisa.  Desperate Duchesses.  (Georgian)
Kleypas, Lisa.  Secrets of a Summer Night.  (19th C)
Kleypas, Lisa.  Devil in Winter.  (19th C)
Kleypas, Lisa.  Suddenly You.  (19th C)
McNaught, Judith.  Almost Heaven.  (Regency)
McNaught, Judith.  A Kingdom of Dreams.  (Medieval)
Medeiros, Teresa, After Midnight.  (Regency)
Quick, Amanda.  With this Ring.  (Regency)
Quinn, Julia.  To Catch an Heiress.  (Regency)
Quinn, Julia.  The Viscount Who Loved Me.  (Regency)
Quinn, Julia.  Everything and the Moon/Brighter than the Sun.  (Regency).
Stuart, Elizabeth.  Heartstorm.  (17th C).
Wolf, Joan.  The Deception.  (Regency).
Wolf, Joan.  The Arrangement.  (Regency).
Woodiwiss, Kathleen E.  The Wolf and the Dove.  (Medieval)
Woodiwiss, Kathleen E.  The Flame and the Flower.  (18th C)

Historical Mystery

Alexander, Tasha.  And Only to Deceive. (Victorian)
Douglas, Carole Nelson.  Good Night, Mr. Holmes, et al.  (Victorian)
Grant, Tracy.  Beneath a Silent Moon. (Regency)
Grant Tracy.  Daughter of the Game/Secrets of a Lady.  (Regency)
Ross, Kate.  A Broken Vessel, et al.  (Regency)


Andrews, Donna.  Murder with Peacocks.
Cannell, Dorothy.  Down the Garden Path.
Cannell, Dorothy.  The Thin Woman.
Carl, Lillian Stewart.  Ashes to Ashes.
Dela, Helena.  The Count.
George, Elizabeth.  All the Lynley mysteries….
Kaye, M.M.  Death in the Andamans.
Kearsley, Susanna.  The Shadowy Horses.
Michaels, Barbara.  How can I choose?  I love them all.
Michaels, Kasey.  Maggie Needs an Alibi, et al.
Peters, Elizabeth.  Pretty much everything she’s ever written….
Sayers, Dorothy.  Gaudy Night.
Stewart, Mary.  Nine Coaches Waiting.
Stewart, Mary.  This Rough Magic.
Stewart, Mary.  My Brother Michael.

Contemporary Romance

Krentz, Jayne Ann.  Hidden Talents
Macomber, Debbie.  Morning Comes Softly.
McNaught, Judith.  Double Standards.
McNaught, Judith.  Paradise.
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth.  Breathing Room.
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth.  Ain’t She Sweet.
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth.  It Had to Be You, et al.
Raife, Alexandra.  Belonging.

Chick Lit

Fielding, Helen.  Bridget Jones’ Diary.
Nathan, Melissa.  Pride, Prejudice, and Jasmin Field.
Nathan, Melissa.  The Nanny.
Naylor, Clare.  Love: A User’s Guide.
Saunders, Kate.  The Marrying Game.
Saunders, Kate.  The Bachelor Boys.
Young, Liz.  Asking for Trouble.
Young, Liz.  Fair Game (in US, A Promising Man….)


Dean, Pamela.  Tam Lin.
Lackey, Mercedes.  Bardic Voices.
McKinley, Robin.  The Blue Sword.
McKinley, Robin.  Beauty.
McMaster Bujold, Lois.  The Curse of Chalion.
Wrede, Patricia C.  Dealing with Dragons, et al.
Wrede, Patricia C.  Mairelon the Magician, et al.  (Regency)
Wrede, Patricia C.  Sorcery and Cecelia. (Regency)

Young Adult

Burnett, Frances Hodgson.  A Little Princess.
Ibbotsen, Eva.  A Company of Swans.
Ibbotsen, Eva.  A Countess Below Stairs.
Montgomery, L.M.  The Anne Books.
Montgomery, L.M.  The Emily Books.
Montgomery, L.M.  The Blue Castle.
Smith, Betty.  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.
Smith, Dodie.  I Capture the Castle.


Burney, Frances.  Evelina.
Carter, Angela.  Wise Children.
Gibbons, Stella.  Cold Comfort Farm.
Mitford, Nancy.  In Pursuit of Love.
Mitford, Nancy.  Love in a Cold Climate.
Mitford, Nancy.  The Blessing.
Mitford, Nancy.  Don’t Tell Alfred.
Mitford, Nancy.  Pigeon Pie.
Murray, Charles.  An Evening of Long Goodbyes.
Tartt, Donna.  The Secret History.
Thirkell, Angela.  The Brandons.
Thirkell, Angela.  Wild Strawberries.
Thirkell, Angela.  August Folly.
Waugh, Evelyn.  Brideshead Revisited.
Wodehouse, P.G.  Jeeves in the Morning.

Authors I adored in my youth

Jude Deveraux
Victoria Holt
Johanna Lindsay
Norah Lofts
Jean Plaidy