Test your Emerald Ring knowledge

1) Why does Letty go downstairs?
To stop burglars
To stop Mary from eloping
To stop Geoff from kidnapping Mary
To stop the Black Tulip

2) What is Geoff called?
Man of Many Masks
The Quiet Man
Prince of Shadows
Lord of Steel

What is Mr. Alsworthy's best advice, in "navigating the shoals of matrimony"?
Ear plugs
Separate bedrooms

4) Who does Eloise's grandmother forcefully set her up with?

5) Whose sepulcher provides interest and intrigue
Robert Emmet
William Ogilvie
Miles Byrne
Edward Fitzgerald

6) What is the significance of Jane's assumed name?
Gillyflower is another name for pink carnation
Gilly is Eloise's sister's name, a play on words
Gilly is so ridiculous sounding, it fits her persona
Gilly means "spy" in gaelic

7) What's the vilest thing about Jasper?
His attempt to murder Geoff and make Letty his Viscountess
His attempt to murder Letty and frame Geoff
His abetting of the Black Tulip's many-petaled plot in Ireland
His sideburns

8) What is in Emily Gilchrist's purse?
The seal of the Black Tulip
A note from Lord Vaughn
A revolver

9) What do we learn about black tulips?
They're incredibly rare
They don't exist
They only grow in Ireland
They are showcased at Mrs. Landergan's soiree

10) Which line is not taken from Geoff's stellar verse?
'O peerless jewel in Albion's crown'
'O Muse! O Fates! O Love divine!'
'O phoenix fair from farthest isles'
'Lend strength to my enmetered line'

11) According to Jane, what is the "common masculine coin of communication"?

12) Where does Jasper promise to leave for?
West Indies

13) What's happening to Eloise next Saturday?
Another date with Jay
Thanksgiving with Pammy
A date with Colin
A visit to Selwick Hall

14) Whatever will happen to Mary now?
She'll die an unhappy spinster
She'll enter into a marriage of convenience
She'll lose both her beauty and her memory in a freak mirror accident
She'll find herself entangled in espionage at the hands of Lord Vaughn...

15) So, really, who IS the Black Tulip?
the Marquise de Montval
Lord Vaughn
Mr. Throtwottle
Turnip Fitzhugh
We'll just have to read The Seduction of the Crimson Rose to find out…

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